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title: Hiking in Blagaj
published: 2017-05-07

About 15 kilometer to the south east of Mostar, after the airport, you'll find
[Blagaj](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blagaj) with its famous Dervish 
[Blagaj Tekke](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vrelo_Bune#Blagaj_Tekke) at the 
spring of the Buna, [Vrelo Bune](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vrelo_Bune).

![Blagaj Tekke](../img/blagaj_tekke.jpg)

Of course, just doing the tourist thing is a bit boring, so why not hike up
to the castle (Stejpan Grad) instead? 


It turns out to be quite easy, although you have to know about the "zigzag way"
unless you want to go straight uphill all the way, see map. We saw a couple 
doing this, but it seems nearly impossible without proper footwear, especially 
getting back down.

![Hiking to the Castle](../img/blagaj_castle.png)

Starting from the parking space, where all the tourist buses stop, next to 
Caffe Bar Alea, you walk north around the hill with the castle on top. Coming
up behind the hill you'll have to continue a bit until you see the path 
straight up to the castle. A little bit after that, the easier path up starts.

![Approaching the Castle](../img/blagaj_castle_path.jpg)

You'll have amazing views from the top of the castle of Blagaj. You can even
see the cross on Hum. Hum seems a lot smaller looking at it from here in 
relation to the bigger mountains behind it. It was amazing and totally worth 
it, you'll run into few tourists.

Getting to and from Blagaj is a bit of a challenge. During the week it is 
possible to go by bus, but in the weekend there are barely any buses! We ended 
up taking a taxi for 15 KM to go and 20 KM to get back as the taxi had to 
come from Mostar first. We asked the nice guy from the parking for help and he 
ordered a taxi for us. We didn't try hitchhiking, but that seems quite 
possible there as well, as for walking from Mostar, two way is a bit far, 
around 30 kilometer, but the bad part is that lots of the way is right along 
the cars, so not really an option.

Map source: [OpenStreetMap](https://openstreetmap.org/).

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published: 2017-05-05

One of the great things about travling is that you have new environments for
One of the great things about traveling is that you have new environments for
running. Berlin is very flat, so after arriving in 
[Mostar](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostar) and seeing the big hill "Hum" 
with the big white cross on top.
[Mostar](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostar), and seeing the big hill "Hum" 
with the big white cross on top, I couldn't wait to run there!

After some research, and finding 
[this](https://amygilley35.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/running-in-mostar/) post by 

@@ 17,7 17,7 @@ the Catholic church, in the top right on the map below.
![Running Track](../img/running_in_mostar.png)

You can follow the blue dots all the way to the big cross, but running along
the main road (yellow on the map) can be quite dangerous due to traffic and 
the main road (orange on the map) can be quite dangerous due to traffic and 
the curves in the road where it is hard to see oncoming traffic. I did stay on 
the left side of the road to not have to look back all the time for traffic. 
However, on the way down a car passed another car exactly where I was running,

@@ 39,8 39,10 @@ Tips:

* Drink enough before heading out, or bring some water. There's nothing along
  the way;
* Stay on the left side of the main road (yellow on the map) to see oncoming 
* Stay on the left side of the main road (orange on the map) to see oncoming 
* If you're into barefoot running, you can do that on the smaller road (white
  on the map), the pavement is very smooth;
* Be careful, do not leave the road, stay on the path(s) at all times!

Map source: [OpenStreetMap](https://openstreetmap.org/).