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title: Running in Mostar
published: 2017-05-05

One of the great things about travling is that you have new environments for
running. Berlin is very flat, so after arriving in 
[Mostar](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostar) and seeing the big hill "Hum" 
with the big white cross on top.

After some research, and finding 
[this](https://amygilley35.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/running-in-mostar/) post by 
Amy, I decided that it shouldn't be too hard. It is slightly more than 6 
kilometer uphill run, starting from the "Župna crkva Svetog Petra i Pavla", 
the Catholic church, in the top right on the map below.

![Running Track](../img/running_in_mostar.png)

You can follow the blue dots all the way to the big cross, but running along
the main road (yellow on the map) can be quite dangerous due to traffic and 
the curves in the road where it is hard to see oncoming traffic. I did stay on 
the left side of the road to not have to look back all the time for traffic. 
However, on the way down a car passed another car exactly where I was running,
not cool! So be careful!

From the start of the smaller road (white on the map) the run becomes very 
peaceful. That is the best part of the run, no people, no cars, no tourists. 
I did see a few people on bicycles going up as well. It seems running is really
not something people do around here, even though it is so great!

Reaching the top is really worth it. The view is amazing. Unfortunately you 
can't see the old bridge from here, as part of the hill is in front of 
the view. I read a few posts online that say you can walk a bit down to get a 
better view of the bridge, but those articles are full of mine warnings, so I 
stayed close to the cross and enjoyed the view for a while before heading 
down again.


* Drink enough before heading out, or bring some water. There's nothing along
  the way;
* Stay on the left side of the main road (yellow on the map) to see oncoming 
* If you're into barefoot running, you can do that on the smaller road (white
  on the map), the pavement is very smooth;
* Be careful, do not leave the road, stay on the path(s) at all times!