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#New Release

Before tagging a new release:

  1. Update CHANGES.md;
  2. Update CONFIG_CHANGES.md if needed;
  3. Run composer update to make sure we have the latest version of the dependencies;
  4. Run vendor/bin/phpunit;
  5. Write the new version number to the VERSION file in the project root
  6. Commit everything: git commit -a -m 'prepare for release';
  7. Push changes: git push origin v2, git push github v2;
  8. Tag release: git tag 1.2.3 -a -m '1.2.3' (obviously use the correct version number;
  9. Push the tags: git push origin 1.2.3, git push github 1.2.3
  10. Run make_release
  11. Run upload_release