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@@ 8,6 8,25 @@ This will help upgrades to a future 3.x release. Configuration changes during
the 2.x life cycle are NOT required. Any existing configuration file will keep

## 2.4.0

We now support a new version of the API that is used by the upcoming eduVPN / 
Let's Connect! 3.x as well. This API is much simpler than the old API and also
allows for transparent support of WireGuard.

Initially this API is behind a toggle and needs to be explicitly enabled by the
administrator. In a future version we plan to enable it by default.

'enableApiThree' => true,

Please note that every time an application that uses the API connects a new 
certificate is generated, which may be inefficient (when using RSA). We default
to RSA at the moment, but you SHOULD switch to ECDSA or EdDSA, see 
[this](https://github.com/eduvpn/documentation/blob/v2/SECURITY.md#ca) for more 

## 2.3.13

Support `permissionAttribute` configuration option for the RADIUS