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Summary: Server API for Let's Connect! and eduVPN

Description: Server API for Let's Connect! and eduVPN managing the CA and configuration of the VPN server.

License: AGPL-3.0-or-later


This project is the server API of the Let's Connect! software. It is used by vpn-user-portal. It contains the CA and a database containing information about the users and links issued certificates to users.


Thank you for taking the time to contribute to eduVPN / Let's Connect!. In order for us to be able to accept your contributions, i.e. "Pull Requests" or "Merge Requests", we'd like you to sign our "CLA" and send it back to us.

You can find the CLA here. Pick the correct one, either for "legal entities" or "individuals" and mail it to legaldocuments@commonsconservancy.org as stated in the document. Please add eduvpn-support@lists.geant.org to the CC field.

Note, that signing the CLA will not automatically guarantee your contribution will be included in the software!

Thanks again for wanting to contribute to eduVPN / Let's Connect!