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#title: Maintenance description: Maintain your VPN server category: documentation


Since 2020-05-05 the package vpn-maint-scripts is available in the package repositories and from this day on will be installed automatically on new deployments using the deploy_${DIST}.sh scripts. If you deployed before this moment, you may need to install the package manually first.

This document is for deploys where only 1 server is involved. For multi node maintenance instructions, you can go here.

#CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux

$ sudo yum install vpn-maint-scripts


$ sudo dnf install vpn-maint-scripts


$ sudo apt install vpn-maint-scripts

#Apply Configuration Changes

In order to apply changes, run the following command:

$ sudo vpn-maint-apply-changes

#Install Updates

In order to install OS updates and VPN server updates, run the following command periodically, e.g. every week during a maintainance windows:

$ sudo vpn-maint-update-system

NOTE: you may also need to reboot your server in case the kernel or system libraries were updated!