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#title: Custom Branding description: Apply your own Branding/Themes category: customization

This document describes how to apply your own branding (style and e.g. logo) to the portal.

If all you want is to add a simple text at the bottom of (all) pages, you can use the "custom footer" functionality.

Create a file in /etc/vpn-user-portal/views/customFooter.php with e.g. the following content:

    If you need help, contact us on <a href="tel:+1234567890">+(1) (234) 567890</a>, or mail <a href="mailto:support@example.org">us</a>!

NOTE: this footer is always visible, also when VPN apps are being authorized.


You can also use multi language custom footers. You can use the <?=$this->t('Text To Translate');?> format to make text translatable and provide additional translation files. We modify the example above in /etc/vpn-user-portal/views/customFooter.php:

    <?=$this->t('If you need help, contact us on <a href="tel:+1234567890">+(1) (234) 567890</a>, or mail <a href="mailto:support@example.org">us</a>!'); ?>

Now for the translation file, you can create a file, e.g nl_NL.php for a Dutch translation in /etc/vpn-user-portal/locale/nl_NL.php with the following content:


return [
    'If you need help, contact us on <a href="tel:+1234567890">+(1) (234) 567890</a>, or mail <a href="mailto:support@example.org">us</a>!' => 'Als je hulp nodig hebt, neem telefonisch contact met ons op via <a href="tel:+1234567890">+(1) (234) 567890</a>, of per <a href="mailto:support@example.org">mail</a>!',

Now when you switch languages in the portal, the translation should match when they exist.

NOTE: if you want to use single quotes (') in your texts, make sure to escape them by adding a backslash (\) in front of them, e.g. 'Don\'t click here!'.

#Template Overriding

The portal uses templates, located in the following folder:


You can copy the base.php from this folder to /etc/vpn-user-portal/views/base.php and modify it to override the default CSS for example.

NOTE: It is NOT recommended to update other templates than base.php as they MAY break future software updates. We do NOT guarantee template compatibility!

After copying, add a new CSS line in /etc/vpn-user-portal/views/base.php after the existing one:

<link href="<?=$this->getAssetUrl($requestRoot, 'css/screen.css'); ?>" media="screen" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="/css/my-screen.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet">

This will then try to find the CSS file at https://vpn.example.org/css/my-screen.css. You can look in /usr/share/vpn-user-portal/web/css/screen.css for the default template CSS.

We have two officially supported themes, you can find the relevant files here and get inspiration:

See BRANDING if you want to use those instead of creating your own.