document "app sets"
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v3' into v3
fix /connected_users admin api response example
Source code: Tiny rearranging and fix lxn win name
Source Code: Update client components
also document /users and /disabled_users API calls
replace -d with --data-urlencode in curl examples
fix link to nbuilder.deb
add new "Source Code" page
mention that ORIGINATING_IP is only for OpenVPN
fix link to builder.rpm
document `/disable_user` and `/enable_user`
mention /connected_users Admin API call
also document resource capabilities session expiry format
mention Fedora 39 as supported
Server Discovery: Add myself as owner to fkooman public key
Server discovery: Remove old minisign public key info

The ~~ ~~ table cells weren't rendering anyways with mkdocs
fix version constraint
improve permissions docs