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## High Level Changes

- [WireGuard](WIREGUARD.md) Support
- "High Availability" / Redundancy for the *Portal*
  - Optional MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL database support for data storage
- [HA/Redundancy](PORTAL_HA.md) for the portal;
- MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL database support for data storage
- Removal of all internal 2FA, 2FA only supported when using external 
  authentication sources, e.g. in IdP
- Guest Usage is gone for now (see below)
- Much simpler configuration, especially for "multi node" setups

- Allow limits on number of active OAuth clients and VPN configuration 
  downloads per user
## Ops Changes

- Runs on Debian >= 11, Fedora >= 34

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## Work in Progress

- Support for MySQL/MariaDB for [HA](PORTAL_HA.md), works fine for 
  portal, BUT we have to make it work with browser *sessions* as well, i.e. 
  implement memcached support
- Implement memcached support for `fkooman/secookie`
- VPN Usage stats need to be completely redone, currently only "VPN client use" 
  is available because that was easy
- Add public CA and public WireGuard key to the discovery files to have an 

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  perhaps _sign_ the API responses with a public key mentioned in the discovery 
- Keep aggregate logs longer than 30 days, i.e. usage statistics
- Allow limiting number of VPN connections per user (and per client).
- Work on implementing 
  [hardware signing](https://argon.tuxed.net/fkooman/hardware_token_research_proposal.pdf) 
  of discovery files

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- We removed "conditional 2FA" with the `PhpSamlSpAuthentication` module, it is 
  2FA for all, or for none
- IPv4 only, IPv6 only VPN? Probably not!
- "Expire at night" based on the server's timezone (this is currently 
  implemented, but could be removed if we move this to the client...)
- Guest Usage has been completely removed for now, need to think how and