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### Syslog

**NOTE**: this is only available in vpn-server-api >= 2.2.11.
**NOTE**: this is only available in vpn-server-api >= 2.2.11

In addition to writing connection information to the database, this information
is also written to _syslog_. 

@@ 45,18 45,27 @@ Jul 12 16:48:46 vpn.tuxed.net vpn-server-api[8642]: DISCONNECT fkooman (default)
The format is 

**NOTE**: in vpn-server-api >= 2.2.12 the format changes slightly and also 
includes the "originating" client IP, e.g.:

Jul 20 17:04:04 vpn.tuxed.net vpn-server-api[1811]: CONNECT fkooman (default) [46.X.Y.Z =>,fd5e:eccc:d4b:783f::1000]
Jul 20 17:04:19 vpn.tuxed.net vpn-server-api[1813]: DISCONNECT fkooman (default) [46.X.Y.Z =>,fd5e:eccc:d4b:783f::1000]

The format is 
where the `${ORIGINATING_IP}` can be an IPv4 or IPv6 address, depending on 
which protocol the client used to connect to the VPN server.
**NOTE**: starting from vpn-server-api >= 2.2.12 there is flexibility in the 
way the log is written. A template can be configured. The default is format 
shown above. This version also adds the ability to log the "originating IP" of
the VPN client.

You can set the `connectionLogFormat` in `/etc/vpn-server-api/config.php` to 
a string that is used as a template for generating the log lines. The default 
is `{{EVENT_TYPE}} {{USER_ID}} ({{PROFILE_ID}}) [{{IP_FOUR}},{{IP_SIX}}]`. You 
can customize this and use the following "variables" that are replaced before 
writing the log line:

* `USER_ID`: the user ID;
* `PROFILE_ID`: the profile that is being connected to;
* `IP_FOUR`: the IPv4 addresses provided to the VPN client;
* `IP_SIX`: the IPv6 addresses provided to the VPN client;
* `ORIGINATING_IP`: the IP address (either IPv4 or IPv6) the VPN client is 
  connecting _from_.

Make sure you "wrap" the variable in `{{` and `}}` as shown in the example 
above when using them in `connectionLogFormat`.

## Web Server Log