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@@ 27,6 27,15 @@ users that are no longer eligible to use the VPN from the portal.
It is a bit of a judgment call. We know of organizations that set it to 12 
hours, and also organizations that set it to 3 years.

**NOTE**: if you choose to for example 1 day, this will mean that if a user
authenticates at 09:30, the next day at 09:30 their session will expire, 
meaning the may have to authorize/authenticate during a video call. Not great.

**NOTE**: in a future server (or client) version we aim to implement a 
mechanism that either expires the VPN session at night, or update the client 
to warn the session is about to expire during working hours and offer to renew

## Changing Session Expiry

You can change the session expiry by modifying