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@@ 8,7 8,7 @@ It is available in the eduVPN/Let's Connect! 3.x development release.
## Requirements

WireGuard will only be supported on servers running Debian >= 11 and 
Fedora >= 34. Currently only Fedora 34 (x86_64) is tested.
Fedora >= 34. Currently only Fedora 34 (x86_64) is being tested.

You can install the eduVPN 3.x development release on Fedora 34 using the 
`deploy_fedora_v3.sh` script instead of the `deploy_fedora.sh` script. That 

@@ 16,21 16,9 @@ should set up a lot for you already.

## Configuration

You can add a profile to `/etc/vpn-user-portal/config.php` with the `vpnType` 
You can add a profile to `/etc/vpn-user-portal/config.php` with the `vpnProto` 
set to `wireguard`. Most options apply both to OpenVPN and WireGuard.

## Daemon

You can test the interface with WireGuard:

$ curl -s http://localhost:8080/info
  "PublicKey": "2obnZaov/Idd1zHFZqziWurRubx98ldKmDH44nB7nF0=",
  "ListenPort": 51820,

## API

The WireGuard integration also exposes an API for use by apps. It works the 

@@ 55,15 43,5 @@ That should immediately make the VPN over WireGuard work. Test with for example


- we currently have a "sync" that adds all peers to WG from DB that were 
  manually created, i.e. not through the API. This needs to be done better, 
  every 2 minutes a partial sync, only peers get added, never removed, is 
  not great... it *does* work, for now... at least we need a call for multi 
  peer add
- add entries to `connection_log` table when peer is added/removed so we know
  who had an IP at a certain time
- prevent 1 user claiming all IPs in 2 seconds through API or web, limit to 
  maximum number of configs (also for OpenVPN perhaps...)
- clean up "dead" connections from the daemon (make the sync a *real* sync)
- show WG connections on "Connections" page
- make sure disable user removes/disables? WG connections
- finish proper WG connection logging
- limit the number of configurations per user (also relevant for OpenVPN)