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more useful instructions for fetching fedora 35 image
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@@ 14,8 14,17 @@ run on a Raspberry Pi with ease, you are doing something wrong ;-)
I tested this last on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Fedora 33 (aarch64) on 2021-01-21 
and all works fine. Packages for Fedora 33 and 34 are available.

**NOTE**: the Raspberry Pi 4 SHOULD work for our purpose, but only with the 
Fedora 35 image that hasn't been released yet.
## Raspberry Pi 4

If you are trying to install on the Raspberry Pi 4 make sure you use the 
Fedora 35 beta (or later) image for aarch64, at the time of writing that is 

You can find it 

When writing the image using `arm-image-installer` you use `rpi4` as `--target` 

# Getting Started