update CHANGES
ignore entries in idpList that are not in IdP source

before, and error would be throw if any of the (explicitly)
listed IdP entity IDs was not available from the IdP source,
i.e. metadata. Now it is simply ignored.

References: https://codeberg.org/fkooman/php-saml-sp/issues/5
update CHANGES
add da-DK translation string
if no attributes are available, show explicit message on "Info" page

References: https://codeberg.org/fkooman/php-saml-sp/issues/6
make credits correct
small fix for da-DK translation
also add da-DK as implemented locale
add translation credits file
update translations
add da-DK translation
fix typo in CHANGES.md
update CHANGES, prepare for release
remove some dead code and the associated tests
fix handling query parameters with internal discovery

References: https://codeberg.org/fkooman/php-saml-sp/issues/4
prepare for release
Introduce a template for eduPersonTargetedID for determining format of "User ID"

Fixes: https://codeberg.org/fkooman/php-saml-sp/issues/2