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To run it inside the command line, run `python -m utab`. It will start running as a daemon, on port 64366. To start it on startup, consider putting it in `.profile` or something. Then head to your web browser and switch the home page to `http://localhost:64366`.

### Updating

1. Make sure your working tree isn't polluted. Try applying `git stash` or moving your changes to another branch. In extreme cases, consult [xkcd #1597](https://xkcd.com/1597/).
2. Pull source: `git pull`
3. Install new version: `python setup.py install`
4. Your configs and data will remain untouched if they exist in your data dir. If you wish, you can copy some of them from `utab/data/` and overwrite the old ones. Alternatively, do a backup for your `sites.csv`, completely overwrite, then move that back in.

## Contributing

There are three ways to contribute. One is bug reports in the provided scope. If so, contact `fkfd at macaw dot me`. Another is feature requests. If I'm interested, I may spin up a mailing list and we collaborate. Then there's forking. This is the preferred method if you are to introduce a lot of changes. Configurability is limited by design in my version of utab, to make codebase lightweight. Fork this project and do whatever 0BSD allows (i.e. anything). Thank you.