Remove "ripped" (Redecorate)
Fix track title spelling: "T.V" -> "T.V."
Add changelog
Remove "beast" from Migraine
Add a bit of trivia
Misc lyric fixes
Regenerate HTML word list, without indent this time
Remove "tree-house" again
Remove trailing commas and periods from lyrics

Also, removed those double quotes around JS object keys in words.js and
shed around 6k of space.
Disable hint button after answer is shown
Reflect word deletions in index.*
Remove "lumber-down" and "tree-house", fix Migraine lyric
Document second hint feature
Show # of hints left
Add second hint: reveal words before and after
Fix words.html rowspan issue
Add repo URL in index.html
Both tables on words.html will scroll upon overflow
Remove "gotta" (for real this time)