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Kanvas is a plasmoid that syncs announcements and assignments from your university's Canvas®™© LMS to your Plasma desktop. It lacks features and configs, and I would not say it is production-ready.

Kanvas is written in QML. It is the first QML application I wrote and I have not touched JavaScript in two years, so the code sucks.

Right now, it looks like this:



First obviously you need the Plasma framework. If you have zero Plasma development experience like me, here are some useful links:

After you clone this repo, run make install to copy the plasmoid to ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/. You need to run it only once.

Every time you want to test Kanvas, run make to update the plasmoid in ~/.local/ and run it in a window (plasmawindowed).

Then, configure the plasmoid. Right click the "Kanvas" heading and click "Configure Kanvas". Go to the "Canvas" tab and fill out your Canvas domain and OAuth2 token. Click "Fetch courses", then follow instructions on the UI. Click "OK" to save. The configuration will be saved for plasmawindowed every time you debug, but kept separate from the rest of Plasma; if you add the widget to your desktop it has to be configured again.


  • [ ] Sort assignments by urgency
  • [ ] More friendly course list in config dialog
  • [ ] Ignore activity and undo ignore
  • [ ] Migrate to KF6 when it replaces KF5 (see Porting guide)
  • [ ] Improve accessibility with help of this article


I am terrible at QML. Help me.

There's hardly any documentation on integrating QML with the rest of Plasma. For example, when I wanted a function that tells me whether the machine is online, all I found was the source code along with a header file. I will list things like these so you don't have to.