Merge branch 'cache' and add dep declaration
Fix _generate_header calls
Fix source code URl in index
Add line number in blob view
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~fkfd/git.gmi
Remote: migrate to gemini://git.fkfd.me
Remote: migrate to gemini://git.fkfd.me
Update mailing list
Enhance blob view

- set maximum size of displayable blobs
- raw blobs are now of type `bytes`
- do not try to decode handle binary blobs
Merge branch 'master' into cache
Fix: response headers now terminate with CRLF
Caching 101

- Caching operations
- Mangled internal method names
Annouce feature-complete status
Only display non-remote refs
Show path in tree view
Enhance comments
Show recent commits in summary
Show time and view tree in log view