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# git.gmi - git frontend CGI script

## News

At this point (i.e. 6a98cf0: View commit) I consider git.gmi **feature-complete**, tagged v0.4.0. Unless necessary, no new features will be integrated into git.gmi, including new views and new functional paths (`/commit`, `/ref`, etc). From now on, over an indefinite period, changes will mainly be enhancements and optimizations.

## Front Matter

You may find it strange how I wrote a CGI script when there are so many amazing things available, and you're right. Git.gmi isn't meant to be a CGI script; it _had_ to be one. The only Gemini server library I know in Python, [Jetforce](https://github.com/michael-lazar/jetforce), is licensed under the [Floodgap "Free" Software License](https://www.floodgap.com/software/ffsl/), which is free software but well, free as in beer. I find absolutely no reason to allow proprietization but prohibit monetization, which is the _exact opposite_ from the GPL - unfortunately the license of choice by the `pygit2` devs. So here we are, locked in restrictions of both fundamental dependencies that don't get along with each other. I once comtemplated violating FFSL, before coming up with this workaround, i.e. CGI. Git.gmi is licensed under GPLv2 eventually.