A script to help me figure out what sections should I choose this spring semester. Also my first Haskell program.


This word only appears in one twenty øne piløts song — a web game


Minimalistic New Tab daemon for Web browsers


Wiki server and protocol for Gemini


Reasonably Usable Python/Tk Gemini Browser


Proof of Concept for a closure-based object filter


[Clone of ~nhanb/mcross] Python/Tk GUI browser for Gemini


Create cheap Mastodon bots in a Flask-like syntax


Git frontend CGI script for Gemini


Gemini files hosted on my server (gemini://fkfd.me/). Send a patch if you wish to host your pages there!


Read English Wiktionary articles in the terminal with reasonably simplistic but well-formatted output.


Server for my comic site, https://fkfd.me