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#Silicon labs Video Demodulators Superset code

This repository contains the SILABS_SUPERSET source code used to build DTV frontend applications using Silicon Labs DTV demodulators.

This code can be used to support any configuration using the API-controlled Silicon Labs DTV demodulators.

Refer to [https://github.com/SiliconLabs/video_si21xx_superset/blob/master/SILABS_SUPERSET/Si2183/Doc/USING_SILABS_SUPERSET.pdf for details related to this code.

#Supported Silicon Labs DTV demodulators

All API-controlled single and dual DTV Demodulators are supported via the Si2183 driver

  • Si2160B
  • Si21602B
  • Si2162B
  • Si21622B
  • Si2164B
  • Si21642B
  • Si2166D
  • Si2167D
  • Si21662C
  • Si21672C
  • Si2168C
  • Si21682C
  • Si2169C
  • Si21692C
  • Si2180
  • Si21802
  • Si2181
  • Si21812
  • Si2182
  • Si21822
  • Si2183
  • Si21832

Currently available Silicon Labs Video Demodulators are listed in

#Supported Silicon Labs TER tuners

The following TER Tuners are supported

  • Si2124
  • Si2141
  • Si2144
  • Si2146
  • Si2147
  • Si2148
  • Si2151
  • Si2156
  • Si2157
  • Si2176
  • Si2177
  • Si2178B

Additional TER tuners can be supported via the CUSTOM_TER wrapper

Currently available Silicon Labs Video Tuners are listed in

#Supported SAT Tuners

This code supports several SAT tuners, such as

  • AV2012
  • AV2018
  • MAX2112
  • NXP20142 (refer to NXP to get the underlying driver)
  • RDA5812
  • RDA5815
  • RDA5815S
  • RDA16110
  • RDA5815M
  • RDA16112
  • RDA5816
  • RDA5816S
  • RDA16110D
  • RDA16110E
  • RDA5816SD
  • RDA16110SW

Additional SAT tuners can be supported via the CUSTOM_SAT wrapper

#(SAT) Supported LNB controllers

This code supports several LNB controllers tuners, such as

  • A8293
  • A8297
  • A8302
  • A8304
  • LNBH21
  • LNBH25
  • LNBH26
  • LNBH29

Additional LNB controllers can be supported using one of the above examples

#(SAT) Unicable support

This code supports Unicable I as well as Unicable II.

The automatic installation phase in Unicable II is something we can’t support, because it requires reading 5 DiSEqC bytes, and our HW only allows reading 3 DiSEqC bytes.

This seems like a big issue, but EN 50607 (i.e. Unicable II specification) specifies that ‘The satellite receiver shall always allow to manually enter the UB-ID and UB-frequency’ No SIFC (i.e. DiSEqC read) capability is required. The above means that HW compatible with Unicable I can also handle Unicable II with no HW change.