8c0fc4698610e9ae6234acbdcc7ba716959e39ec — Thomas Fitzsimmons 11 months ago cebc2a4
Fix url-http-oauth-interposed-p for default case

* url-http-oauth.el (url-http-oauth-interposed-p): Check if regexp
is nil.
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M url-http-oauth.el
M url-http-oauth.el => url-http-oauth.el +3 -2
@@ 158,8 158,9 @@ This function does the opposite of `url-http-oauth-interpose'."
(defun url-http-oauth-interposed-p (url)
  "Return non-nil if `url' will use OAuth 2.0 to access URL.
URL is an object."
  (string-match-p url-http-oauth--interposed-regexp
                  (url-http-oauth--url-string url)))
  (when url-http-oauth--interposed-regexp
    (string-match-p url-http-oauth--interposed-regexp
                    (url-http-oauth--url-string url))))

(defvar url-http-response-status)
(defvar auth-source-creation-prompts)