Bump version to 1.0.3

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Bump version to 1.0.3.
* NEWS: Document bug fix.
Remove autoloads

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Remove autoloads.  Move
url-http-oauth-interpose within
Bump version to 1.0.2

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Bump version to 1.0.2.
* NEWS: Document bug fix.
Assume newer Emacs to use json-parse-buffer

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Require Emacs 27.1.  Use
json-parse-buffer instead of url-http-oauth-json-parse-buffer (now
Fix a typo

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Fix typo.
Bump version to 1.0.1

* url-http-oauth-demo.el, NEWS: Bump version to 1.0.1.
Require url-http-oauth 0.8.1

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Require url-http-oauth 0.8.1.
Bump url-http-oauth requirement to 0.8.0

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Bump url-http-oauth requirement to
Bump version to 1.0.0

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Bump version to 1.0.0.
* NEWS: New file.
Update comments

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Update some comments.
Use updated settings format

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Change "urls" entry to "resource-url".
Update config format and Emacs 26 support

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Use cons pairs in
url-http-oauth-interpose call.
(url-http-oauth-demo-get-profile-name): Use
url-http-oauth-json-parse-buffer instead of json-parse-buffer.
Fix URL retrieval

* url-http-oauth-demo.el (url-http-oauth-demo-get-profile-name):
Set user to nil.
Update a comment

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Update a comment.
Update url-http-oauth-interpose call

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Update url-http-oauth-interpose call to
provide single alist settings argument.
Change scope handling

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Add scope argument to interpose call.
(url-http-oauth-demo-get-profile-name): Remove explicit scope
Add background documentation

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Add Background section.
(url-http-oauth-interpose): Rename.  Document arguments.
Finish confidential client demonstration

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Add usage section to comment header.
Remove scope registration argument.
(url-http-oauth-demo-get-api-version): Remove function.
(url-http-oauth-demo-get-profile-name): Create URL object from
individual slots.  Adjust message and return value.
Make get-profile-name function synchronous

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Use new registration
client-secret-required argument.
(url-http-oauth-demo-get-profile-name): Fix indentation.  Change
debug message.  Make synchronous.
url-http-oauth-demo-get-profile-name is working

* url-http-oauth-demo.el: Call url-http-oauth-register-resource.
(url-http-oauth-demo-get-api-version): New function.
(url-http-oauth-demo-get-profile-name): Likewise.