7bed24ae8e4c6a7cd3ced1fd66772ff460f2286f — Thomas Fitzsimmons 10 months ago 2016b0e
Ignore errors when showing quirk

* firefox-javascript-repl.el (firefox-javascript-repl--mode):
Ignore errors when showing quirk.
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M firefox-javascript-repl.el
M firefox-javascript-repl.el => firefox-javascript-repl.el +4 -1
@@ 206,7 206,10 @@ ARGUMENTS will be used for FORMAT, like `messages'."
              (lambda ()
                (let ((network (get-process "firefox-javascript-repl")))
                  (when network (kill-process network)))))
    ;; FIXME: Remove this ignore-errors after confirmation that GNU
    ;; ELPA will check out the wtfjs submodule.

(defun fjrepl--create-profile-directory ()
  "Create a profile directory."