Add section header comments
Add compilation support
Remove full path from verbose output
Save result of uiop:argv0
Do not show script directory on usage line
Allow renaming start.lisp
Suppress *standard-output* spew during asdf loads
with-user-abort: Update submodule
README.md: Mention unix-opts
Update copyright years
Shorten some lines
Reorganize boilerplate
run-tests: Test remainder arguments
Mention ECL again
README.md: Update for unix-opts help output
run-tests.lisp: Finish test runner
unix-opts: Point to fitzsim pending-prs branch
Remove CLON and dependencies

Remove CLON until https://github.com/didierverna/clon/issues/8 is fixed.
Remove CLON dependencies, named-readtables, trivial-features, babel,
alexandria, and cffi.
run-tests.lisp: Begin test runner