Parse f/F suffix on float literals
Add minimal limits.h
Create vacietis.libc.float.h package
Add an empty assert.h
Fix sizeof(TYPE) within an expression
Expand macros in array declarations
c-read-delimited-strings: Remove skip-spaces? argument
Check if a variable is bound, instead of non-nil
Fix special/symbol-macrolet conflict

This fix avoid errors like the following:

Attempt to bind a special variable with SYMBOL-MACROLET: |exit_failure|
Ignore whitespace around macro call arguments
Fix backslash character literal handling
When *load-verbose*, print "done loading" messages
Handle inline comments on preprocessor lines
Add stub headers, limits.h and float.h
Support an empty macro on its own line
Add preprocessor-use-empty-define test
Add some libc headers
Declare vacietis::*environment*

This fixes a compiler warning.