Resurrecting the PocketCHIP for 2024
06967a55 — Michael Fincham 3 months ago
Adds the README and a start of a new device tree


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This is a little project to do the necessary things to resurrect all the PocketCHIP hardware currently languishing in peoples filing cabinets and bedside drawers.

At the moment the repository just contains a .dts suitable for the Debian Bookworm armmp kernel but I am working on:

  • A new flashing tool (doens't really exist yet but I have a PoC)
  • Better storage options such as booting Linux from SD card or USB (works, need to do PCB design)
  • Mainline Debian support (basically done, need to make images and document etc etc)
  • Mainline u-boot support (basically done, need to fix SD card support)

With big thanks to Jonathan McDowell (https://lore.kernel.org/linux-arm-kernel/cover.1681580558.git.noodles@earth.li/), macromorgan (https://github.com/macromorgan/chip-debroot) and BytePorter (https://byteporter.com/ntc-chip-micro-sd-slot/) for their work in proving this ought to be possible and documenting it.