Decorative one-time-pad generator
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Requires: python-pil, fonts-liberation

Produces decorative one-time-pad images suitable for your next LARP, ARG or just to leave around the house.

The images produced by the script:

  • Incorporate a "faux typewriter" effect by randomly jittering the letters of an old-timey monospace font
  • Are sized to fit on a standard index card when printed
  • Are produced twice with the same numbers so two copies can be printed
  • Have an incrementing index number for synchronisation purposes
  • Are probably not suitable for actual cryptographic use

To use, you will also need LiberationMono-Bold.ttf and LiberationMono-Regular.ttf from the Liberation Fonts collection placed in to the same directory as the script.

This code was written hastily a long time ago. For publication in 2015 the random number functions have been changed to use Python's SystemRandom, which should make the produced cards slightly more viable in the event someone accidentally uses them for actual cryptography.