The Net of a Million Lies.


Dockerfiles to statically cross-compile Linux "hacker tools"


Command line client for the PowerDNS HTTPS API


Reads INI formatted sets of hosts and produces a SmokePing compatible Targets file


Run MTR automatically when SmokePing triggers an alert


Miscellaneous profiles for AppArmor


PowerDNS backend which synthesizes IPv4-embedded AAAA records based on the hostname being queried


"modern replacement for arpcatch"


Super basic UPower battery meter


A variety of vector beetles in various styles


A Django application to control changes with minimal friction


Compaq Concerto pen driver for Linux 2.6.x kernels


Bring up an IPv6 address during early boot


Decorative one-time-pad generator


Bootable Linux initrd to quickly and automatically erase all disks in a machine


A short example of how to use a CA-signed certificate on your HTTPS server with an ESP8266

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