Minetest mod that adds signs that show the last login of players that right-clicked them
Fix signs not updating on player leave
Avoid warning when deserializing missing players list
Make initial text consistent



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#last_login_signs Minetest mod

This mod adds signs that show the last login of players that right-clicked them.


#Registering a sign

Use last_login_signs.register_sign(nodename, def) like you would use minetest.register_node or signs_lib.register_sign.

Two definition settings are different from signs_lib.register_sign:

  • on_rightclick defaults to last_login_signs.rightclick_sign
  • after_place_node defaults to last_login_signs.after_place_node


  • last_login_signs.register_sign(name, def) described above
  • function last_login_signs.rightclick_sign(pos, node, player) adds the player to the sign
  • function last_login_signs.after_place_node(pos, ...) writes the initial text to the sign
  • function last_login_signs.update_sign(pos, node) forces a sign update


Send a patch to this mailing list a pull request to the Codeberg mirror.


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