Italy / Sweden


Haskell | NixOS


Nix search matrix bot


A falling sand game similar to The Powder Toy, in Minetest


Minetest definitions for lua-language-server


A Nix standard environment based on Tcl


A lightweight Haskell server library for the Gemini protocol


A barebones textboard for the Gemini protocol, written in Haskell


A simple Happstack-style Gemini router


Datatypes and parsing/printing functions to represent the Gemini markup language in Haskell


A simple wrapper that runs the Haskell pointfree package in the browser


Validate and convert Lua values against a schema


Error-guided nixpkgs refactor library


Manage nix roots outside of the usual locations, for non-nix-native development


Bidirectional many-to-many mapping between two key types


Minetest fetcher Nix plugin

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