Italy / Sweden


CS student @chalmers.se | Haskell | NixOS


Haskell implementation of proquints: Identifiers that are Readable, Spellable, and Pronounceable


Bidirectional many-to-many mapping between two key types


Emojis for emojis_api scraped from https://thirtydollar.website


A simple wrapper that runs the Haskell pointfree package in the browser


Haskell types and prettyprinter for the intermediate language of the QBE compiler backend


Minetest mod that adds an extruder tool that can extend continuous surfaces towards the node face that was clicked


A Minetest library to build chat commands (including help text) from lua table descriptions


Nix - bubblewrap integration


Hide and Seek minigame in Minetest using arena_lib


Mirror of https://git.shadamethyst.xyz/adri326/blobfox


QRemoteControl is a remote control application for your mobile phone. (fork corresponding to the NixOS package)


Haskell datatype and parser for the Universal Configuration Language (UCL) using libucl


A barebones textboard for the Gemini protocol, written in Haskell


A simple Happstack-style Gemini router

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