Gemini Client in Chicken Scheme
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Gemini Client in Chicken Scheme

Entire code is currently less than 400 LOC (Go Lisp!)

Has enough features to be usable for reading gemini blogs.

Unfortunately, there are a few bugs with how text is rendered. Apostrophes and unicode show up as garbled. This is bug with the ncurses renderer. It needs to use wide chars, but the ncurses egg doesn't support that.

You might also experience some bugs with networking due to openssl bugs. There has been recent updates to openssl and the openssl egg, so these may have been remedied.

This was a fun experiment into Gemini, openssl networking, and ncurses.

I am personally satisfied with the state of this project, but patches are welcome.

Only tested on Alpine Linux so far.


cd geminegg/
sudo chicken-install



Passing in a url is optional.

geminegg gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/

#Key Commands

q - quit
g - go to url, will prompt for url
b - go to previous url in history
s - save bookmark
l - list bookmarks


Pass Torture Test 41 (some weird bug with conman's server and chicken's openssl egg)
Support Unicode
Support apostrophes