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#Thumbnail Creation of images

This plugin creates thumbnails for all of the images found under a specific directory, in various thumbnail sizes It requires PIL to function properly since PIL is used to resize the images, and will only rebuild a thumbnail if it doesn't already exists (to save processing time)


Set up like a normal plugin by setting PLUGIN_PATH, and adding thumbnailer to the PLUGINS list.

PIL or Pillow is required. If you go with Pillow, you need to install some additional external libraries to add support for image types like jpg.


  • IMAGE_PATH is the path to the image directory. It should reside under content, and defaults to "pictures"
  • THUMBNAIL_DIR is the path to the output sub directory where the thumbnails are generated
  • THUMBNAIL_SIZES is a dictionary mapping name of size to size specifications. The generated filename will be originalname_thumbnailname.ext unless THUMBNAIL_KEEP_NAME is set.
  • THUMBNAIL_KEEP_NAME is a boolean which if set puts the file with the original name in a thumbnailname folder, named like the key in THUMBNAIL_SIZES.
  • THUMBNAIL_KEEP_TREE is a boolean flag to save image directory tree.

Sizes can be specified using any of the following formats:

  • wxh will resize to exactly wxh cropping as necessary to get that size
  • wx? will resize so that the width is the specified size, and the height will scale to retain aspect ratio
  • ?xh same as wx? but will height being a set size
  • s is a shorthand for wxh where w=h