Static trekking site generator from GPX tracks
Template: add map in index with starting points
Add `jstr` template filter
Add `starting_point` to `Entry`


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#Trekking blog static site generator


# List of folders to search for gpx files and images
sources: []

# Path to theme
# if not set the default one is used
# if used, the default one is set as fallback

# Site title
title: Trek

# Site base URL
# if not set, all links are relative
baseurl: ""

# Path to output folder
output: output

# Path to build folder
build: _build

# Image extensions to look for
image_exts: [jpg", "jpeg"]

# List of file patterns to ignore
ignore: []

String values can refer to env vars as ${NAME}.

It is supported to load env from an .env file in current folder or one of it's parent.

It is supported to load ignore pattern from .gitignore file in current folder or one of it's parent. If found, pattern are added to one defined in config.

#Command line

usage: pytrek [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-t SITE_TITLE] [-u URL] [-i [IGNORE ...]] [-C] [-b BUILD_DIR] [-B] [-o OUTPUT] [-v] [source ...]

Static trekking blog generator

positional arguments:
  source                Source path(s)

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
  -t SITE_TITLE, --site-title SITE_TITLE
                        Site title
  -u URL, --url URL     Site baseurl
  -i [IGNORE ...], --ignore [IGNORE ...]
                        File patterns to ignore
  -C, --clean           Clean output folder before building
  -b BUILD_DIR, --build-dir BUILD_DIR
                        Build dir
  -B, --clean-build-dir
                        Clean build dir before building. Implies '--clean'
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        Output dir
  -v, --verbose

Options on command line overwrite options from config file, except --ignore where pattern are added to one already defined.


PyTrek supports user-defined themes.

See docs/theming.md for techincal info.