Char as optimized str w len 1, add `ord()`,`chr()`, fix typos
WiP: implement `int()`
Fix error messages in Call (again)
Add `input()`
Update test with default function argument value
Support `global`

in some way
Support local context in function
Fix expressions in functions body
Move int subtraction code
Add `len()`
Rework everything again

- each type class know how to copy, print, add (sub), etc
- strings now are 0-delimited. We want to be able to read input from
  user, then we will not be able to know how long a string is at compile
- add a simple "CharVar", which is an int which is printed as char,
  mostly used for EOL constant
- `_bf_move_pointer_fw/bw` can get how much to move
- user/stdlib function call reworked for better error messages
Add support for string concatenation
Clean code, fix small bugs, update README
Porting to py3, functions
687a768c — fabrixxm 6 years ago
First commit