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Add atom feed
b3d356dd — fabrixxm 8 months ago
Listing pages use default order
40d66c25 — fabrixxm 10 months ago
Remove spare print()
e0a413bf — Elena ``of Valhalla'' Grandi 10 months ago
Render a README(.rst|.md|.txt|)
Pass collection settings to entry template
Fix search pagination
Remove unused code
Return "400 Bad Request" on not unique eid
Check page parameter range
Move settings in environment vars
[wip] Transform into a generic lesana web interface

- add a 'entry' route, to show entry details
- configure flask to load templates from collection folder, with
  fallback to generic templates
- add generic templates
- fix some variable names
Set template path for app
use 'url_for()' not hardwired paths, link title to index
Add default lesana settings.yaml
remove debug print
Move settings out of app.py
First commit