PM message reverse order
14156a5b — fabrixxm 5 years ago
Remove success callback after set seen post
173f5ec3 — fabrixxm 6 years ago
Add small log
361da4b8 — fabrixxm 6 years ago
dont' load pm's list model on start.

It should be first loaded when the pm list page is shown.
c3719d9b — fabrixxm 6 years ago
Combined sent/received private message list model
209ee1a1 — fabrixxm 6 years ago
remove verbose log from pingmodel
115f57da — fabrixxm 6 years ago
Fix PM conversation model

check for empty response
350a4607 — fabrixxm 6 years ago
Fix FriendsModel

add xml namespaces declarations
ee43520a — fabrixxm 6 years ago
PM models, some bugfixes
946db1ed — fabrixxm 6 years ago
Post details, contact timeline, contact details
7ac41e67 — fabrixxm 6 years ago
update NetworkModel to new activities format, add ItemActionsModel

`NetworkModel` doesn't download the xml by itself,
but the reload() function uses xmlhr to fetch xml data and
set the `XmlListModel.xml` property.

To fetch details about activities, `ItemActionsModel` is used:

    ItemActionsModel {
	activity: <name of the activity: "like", "dislike" etc>
	mid: <message id>
	themodel: <NetworkModel that loaded the xml>

`ItemActionModel` will reparse the xml from `themodel` with appropriate
query and XmlRoles.
8f4cb022 — fabrixxm 7 years ago
PingModel pass list of required notifications to "notification" event
60c01c98 — fabrixxm 7 years ago
NetworkModel is back to work

After pull 2682 in Friendica, xml api response is automatically
created from data array, instead of templates.
Friendly network page stopped to work after this.
The new code in Friendica is adding default XML namespace to
response, while NetworkModel didn't set it. This way, the XPath
engine didn't match any tag without explicit namespace set.
54b551e6 — fabrixxm 7 years ago
ContactImage back to Image
5fd45200 — fabrixxm 7 years ago
ACL fix
0f21980b — fabrixxm 7 years ago
Revert "Add XHRFactory"

This reverts commit 1cceea2a1602f3dd1005b438c404502d7f720b2b.
1cceea2a — fabrixxm 7 years ago
Add XHRFactory
15619f3d — fabrixxm 7 years ago
FriendsModel and intial support to 'contact_allow' in PostPageBase
21aee358 — fabrixxm 7 years ago
ContactImage element

This will be a more controllable cached image element
e84763d6 — fabrixxm 7 years ago
Save last notification timestamp