Update IT translation
Add 'no match' placeholder for search in `StartView`
Search all talks

fix ~fabrixxm/confy#11
Add full-text search in starred page

- add new table 'fts_event'
- add or update text to be searched when updating events
- add new method `Event.search()`
- use a diffrent placeholder in `StarredPage` when in search or not
- change `PlaceholderWidget` icon size to 128px
- force db update after migration
- show close button in `SearchBarOverlay`
- rename `MainView.update_back_button()` to
  `MainView.update_titlebar_buttons()`, to better express it's work
Move searchbox from overlay into vbox

fix ~fabrixxm/confy/10
Add a page stack in "starred" view

Fix ~fabrixxm/confy#13
Modify primary menu to better fit GNOME guidelines

- Remove 'Quit' item
- Move 'Keyboard shortcuts' item to below 'Preferences' item

Please see https://developer.gnome.org/hig/stable/primary-menus.html
for the relevant GNOME design guidelines.
Move 'star event' button to end of event widget

Typically, primary actions are near the left of the screen and secondary
actions are to the right [...] Since starring an event is secondary to
this action, [...] make sense to move the 'toggle starred' button
to the right of the event widget.

- Use self.add() rather than self.add_prefix(); this adds the toggle button to the end of the
  event widget rather than the beginning
- Add Sebastian Crane to the list of authors in the about window
9a5d0e14 — fabrixxm 6 months ago 0.5.5
Confy 0.5.5
456a787a — fabrixxm 7 months ago
Open urls with default application per file type
85d4d03c — fabrixxm 7 months ago
Fix makepo.sh script

use a local relative build dir instead of the hardcoded path to
gnome-builder cache
71f265a7 — fabrixxm 7 months ago 0.5.4
Confy 0.5.4
e80de90e — fabrixxm 7 months ago
Remove debug print
d7bad7b2 — fabrixxm 8 months ago
More markup cleanup
edb2a51d — fabrixxm 8 months ago
Notifications: cleanup title html, fix "nextup" query
c7a2bd59 — fabrixxm 8 months ago
Clean one more unsupported tag from text markup

this should be rewritten, really
263515d8 — fabrixxm 8 months ago
Update IT translation
a2ce9121 — fabrixxm 8 months ago
Remove appdata.xml and use only metainfo.xml
a0771611 — fabrixxm 8 months ago
Update to GNOME runtime 3.38