Update it translation
Handle search in Page Events with filters
Remove search button in PageDetails
Fix clean_markup when text is None
models: search events with filters
Hide empty pages in sidebar
Update meta from 0.6.5
Update PO files and fix About dialog
Add Swedish translation
PageEvents: tweak list build performance

- longer timeout
- immediate first run
PageEvent: build listbox in chunk using timeout

let the ui to be somewhat responsive while the listbox is built
giving back the control to the mainloop every N rows added.
Add "search all"
Present window when user clicks notification action
Fix progress indicator drawing
destroy old window when new window shows up
Notify incoming events
Search, not finished
Sidebar doesn't expand anymore!
Use Cairo again to draw line in EventActionRow

can't figure how to do it wihout Cairo. It works. I'm happy.
Draw bar in EventActionRow

still missing round clipping top and bottom.