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Update German translation
Update po files
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Flatpak: bump to GNOME Runtime 45
fixup! Add German translation
Add German translation

Dear Fabio,

I've been working on translating Confy into German recently; I thought I'd
submit this patch as a first pass. I have used the Italian PO file as a basis
for the German translation, so every string included in po/it.po is also
translated in po/de.po. As for style, it's a pretty direct translation, with
most of the phrasing very close to the English strings, and uses a moderately
formal register.

It looks as if there are some additional strings in the French and Swedish PO
files, so please let me me know if these should be included in the German
translation as well.

Some of the terms don't quite translate directly between English and German. In
particular, 'event' and 'talk' are used somewhat interchangeably in the English
version, so in the interests of consistency I've used the German words
»Veranstaltung« for anything referring to a conference (e.g. FOSDEM), and
»Vortrag« for individual talks/presentations/sessions within a conference.

It would be good if any 'deutsche Muttersprachler' could use Confy with this
translation and make any necessary corrections. In addition, with FOSDEM coming
up next month, if it is possible for you to publish a new release with this
translation in order that German attendees can more comfortably make use of
Confy, that would be even better! :)

Best wishes,

Fix appinfo metadata

Trying to fix issues noted by new flathub.org metadata checks.
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Fix SV translation
Remove blueprint-compiler as subproject, add to requirements in README
Update README for GTK4 port

Bring the description, build requirements and instructions in
README.md up to date with the GTK4 port.
Update Meson functions

Change source_root() (deprecated in Meson 0.56.0) and path() (deprecated
in Meson 0.55.0) to project_source_root() and full_path() respectively.
Update metainfo and changelog
update manifest
Confy v0.7.0