Update and fix copyright notices
Add translator credits in about dialog
0babb65c — rene-coty 8 days ago
Created French translation
Fix pentabarf parsing

sometime start time comes with seconds which we don't need.
Flatpak: bump gnome platform to 42, remove libhandy install in manifest
Fix metainfo 🤦️
Confy v0.6.4
Update it po
Make GtkLabels selectable

This allows copy and pasting from the UI.
Don't track visited links in GtkLabel

Visited links might get mistaken for underlined text,
so disable tracking visiting links.
Convert markdown links to html hyperlinks

The following is an example of the regex:

>>> orig
'some text about [debian](https://debian.org "woohoo") yay!'
>>> re.sub("\[([^]]+?)\]\(([^)\s]+?)(?:\s.*?)?\)", r'<a href="\2">\1</a>', orig)
'some text about <a href="https://debian.org">debian</a> yay!'

Closes #19
13d49196 — Guido Günther 2 months ago
LoadingWidget: Use margin

This makes sure we don't have the progress bar
extend to the screen edge which looks slightly
odd on mobile.
Symbolic icon in placeholder
Change event text justification to "LEFT"
Update local flatpak manifest
Add metainfo data about inputs support and screen size requirements

The official way to declare mobile support.
Fix makepo.sh, update translations
Fix icons install
Fix metainfo screenshot urls
Confy v0.6.2