Merge branch 'wip'
Please linter
Fix default to print help for groups
ignore pipenv files

we use setup.py extras
Add extra requirements in setup.py
Replace Taskfile shell script with Justfile

Support argcomplete if installed
update Taskfile
Replace build.sh with Taskfile
Climatik v0.4.0
Add examples
Fix arguments default type
Add unit tests
Set arguments help string via docstring tag

Use `@param arg: help text` to set help text for the argument `arg`
Command group

allow to group subcommands. group can be passed as `group_name` parameter
to the `@command` decorator. Help and descriptions for the group can be
set using `group()` function.

The `group()` function works also as a context manager: all commands
defined inside the context are assigned to the group.

This allow to implement cli like "docker image <command>"
Allow to set command name in decorator

Param `command_name` passed to decorator will override function name
Add typing marker to package