Fix error traceback in taskfile
Climatik as requirement, freeze requirements

Fix "publish" task recipients expansion
Rework background task code
Handle Undo activity (maybe)
Fix types and func name
declare publish task as a background task
remove 'requests-http-signature' from requirements
aways refer obj id in activity and don't add user as recipient

and fix recipent copy code
Handle Follow activities
fix store.list_rm()
Store lists under "objects/"

This is not optimal yet.
I need a way to run `store.get(listid)` and get Collection json
instead of a list of ids.
refactor activity handling code, handle Reject
don't reorder json keys in web responses
Tweak templates
Add 'following' and 'followers' endpoints
Fix http post signature, fix Accept handling

and add some more templates to explore data
Add 'storeget' cli command

print stored json for object id
Set prog name for cli