Collector 0.2.2
Merge branch 'wip'
CollectionPage: paginate item loading
Fix mypy warnings
Autocomplete: get only fields with index
form entry File: do not check file validity
Update debian reqs in README
Update CHANGELOG, TODO and translations
Add completion to search entry

complete fields names and allowed values
Add shortcut for create new collection
Menu items to launch external programs on collection folder

- browse collection folder
- open in terminal
- open with gitg
Create collection: add `error` class to entry widget
Disable clonecollection action until ready
Update tranlsations
Create new collection from open dialog

- move "open" button from headbar to the window
- add "create" and "clone" buttons
- add creation dialog, with input validation
- create a new collection, open it, and open settings dialog
Collector 0.2.1
Fix icon install
add script makerelease.sh
Collector 0.2.0