fix: drop unneeded error closure & format
chore: Cargo.toml updates, pin serde version, bump termion
chore: release v0.1.2
chore: move repository home to ~f9
chore: update tui to v0.19, cargo update
docs(README): mention vim bindings
feat: add --replace cli option

Overwrite existing gyr instances
style: cargo fmt
build: strip binary in release mode
chore: cargo update
feat(xdg): switch to walkdir for finding desktop files
chore: release v0.1.1
docs(README): add FreeBSD 13.1 prebuilts
chore: cargo update
style: fix a few clippy pedantics
style(cli): use .next() instead of .nth(0)
style: collapse else { if .. } blocks
fix(xdg): Read $XDG_DATA_DIRS

Implements: https://todo.sr.ht/~forkbomb9/gyr/2
fix: Switch to case insensitive sorting
feat(config): Add hard_stop option

Disables infinite scroll