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#The Taliaferro Times Website

#Basic Information

Site: https://thetaliaferrotimes.org

Backup Site: https://taliaferro.tk

Netlify Status

Note: This page is outdated as of April 4th, 2020.

#Developer Information

  1. Posts are made by contributors on their own respective platforms.
  2. Website design and site indexing are done locally on development computer.
  3. Pushed to GitLab for tracking (deployed to backup site via Netlify).
  4. Server pulls from GitLab.
  5. Made public.

See manual.md for an overview of how the website works. See each file in the repository for in-line documentation on the purpose of the file and each item within.

What else does hosting on GitLab mean? If the newspaper were to lose funding or access to a dedicated provider, it would be a simple matter of setting up GitLab Pages on the repository. Also, the entire site and its generation technique can be easily ported from system to system, site to site, provider to provider.


We use something similar to the Semantic Versioning System: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

  • MAJOR: Major release (new features which significantly change the site). Examples: radical new design, new search function, lots of small changes together.
  • MINOR: Small releases which add minor features or content. Examples: new post on site, little design changes, big edits to a page like About.
  • PATCH: Minor changes which fix a problem. Examples: fix a problem with a recent change or design, typos, link issues, etc.


  • [x] Privacy-respecting analytics (Matomo) - Solution: GoatCounter
  • [ ] Finish manual.md
  • [ ] Add in-line documentation to all relevant files
  • [ ] Update Privacy Policy
  • [ ] Update About page
  • [ ] Use .webp files for supported browsers
  • [ ] Social media bar
  • [x] Footer: copyright notice, editorial notice, Privacy, Wordpress, Status

Far-off goals:

  • [ ] Automated means of sending social media & email newsletter notices when new content is posted.