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BTW Website

Booker T’s website is home to many resources for students, parents, and staff. Find the school calender, dress code policy, teacher contact information, and more.


See your grades, schedule, previous test scores, and much more!
Tip: you can get your login information from your counselor, and your parent can make an account with a custom username and password so you don’t have to use the jumbled ones created by default.

Who to contact?

Need help with something but don’t know who to talk to?

_ If you need immediate help contact 911. National Suicide Prevention Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)._

  • Getting a Transcript: Contact your school counselor or the TPS Service Center. Note: If you need your transcript by  a certain deadline, make sure to email your counselor at least fifteen days in advance. If you need your transcript during summer months, contact the service center. It may take up to three to five days for your transcript to be mailed and a fee may be charged.
  • Starting a Club: Talk to a teacher! Find a teacher that you would like to sponsor your club and see if they are available. Then, get the club approved by administration and your meetings posted on the activities sheet on activity periods.
  • Homework Help: Peer-to-Peer is a student tutoring group. You can meet up with a peer tutor in designated rooms before or after school. Khanacademy.org is a site that offers many resources for AP and regular classes. Also, ask your teacher if they can meet with you before or after school. Remember: Your teachers have busy lives outside of school as well so make sure to give them advance notice when you need help.
  • College Help: Make an appointment with your counselor to find out more about applications, letters of reccommendation, test scores, and what schools would be the best fit for you. Collegeboard.org is a site that helps you find and research colleges from all over the U.S. You will need a College Board account in order to access SAT and AP scores.