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Please I beg of you

Don’t try to get inside of my head

You won’t be able to find your way out again

Because there is no light and you’ll get lost

It’s dark in there And I can’t light a candle

The demons living in my head snuff it out

I can’t seem to keep up my hopes

And all I want is for someone to understand what it’s like

People tell me who there heros are

Mine is my heart

It shouldn’t be beating

It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned, and broken

But it’s still beating.

It’s truly amazing.

With every 11:11 on the clock and every shooting star

I wish for this pain to be healed

There once was a time when the roses were red and the violets were blue

The sugar was sweet and so were you

But the roses have wilted and the violets are dead

The sugar bowls are empty

And my wrists are stained red.

I almost showed you my scars but now I am glad I didn’t

I don’t think you would understand.

So I gave up long ago

And now the demons roam in my head.

And I don’t care anymore.

I just have one question:

If I were to die would you look to the sky and say goodbye

Or would you even look back

And remember who that one girl

Was that hid in the corner

Because you made her feel worthless.