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Hello Hornets and welcome to the Hives first ever alternate reality game. You can call me Ace and 1’ve begun to notice something strange happening around the Hive. Ever since Homec****ming people have been full of school spirit, a littl3 too much school spirit. I believe thaT there has been an outbreak of School Pride, and there is only one cure. It is somewhere in the school and I think I know where it is hidden. I’ve left a trail of clues that have been coded so someone won’t find it accidentally. I’ve also left a little something for the first few people to find it. I will always sign off as the Ace of ? so that may help crack the codes. Good luck and always do your homework.

-Ace of ?  

P.S. I find reading books always help me solve puzzles.

_To submit an answer for the first riddle, please go to the comments section and leave your first and last name, your first hour class, and with your answer. _