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October 13, 2018 8:10 a.m.

“Ahhhh!” I yawned loudly waking up Midnight.

“Sorry Midnight, you know I’m loud when it’s morning,” I smiled as I petted him staring at me with his vibrant green eyes.

“You know Midnight, you have very wonderful eyes for a cat. It reminds me of a four-leaf clover on a grass plain field,” I complimented him as he stretched and purred with gratitude.

I looked around me seeing red and yellow leaves on my dark oak wooden floor. And on my blue tiny rectangle bed. There were about nine or eleven leaves everywhere like they were little kids hiding from me. But I wasn’t so surprised because I already got used to having them come inside all the time. I mean it is the middle of fall afterall. And perhaps the godly winds blew them inside my tree house through the circular windows like it was sign to get up from bed.

“Hmm…perhaps indeed,” I mumbled.

“Well time to get ready for school!” I enthusiastically said as I went to my small closet full of wicked clothes.

There was four shirts, one uniform with a skirt and a tie, two sweaters, one long-sleeve shirt, and one black boots. Most of my clothes were and blue and black so I guess I’ll go for the black uniform with the blue skirt. And of course my only shoes, my favorite black boots.

“Huhh! I really need to buy more clothes,” I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Meow,” Midnight agreed as he eats his cat food in a small black bowl on the floor.

My uniform shirt that I was wearing was a white button up shirt with black buttons and a stripes turquoise tie. My skirt was dark-blue with black stripes. And my socks that I wear almost everyday was high black and white stripes socks. They were tall as my kneecaps. I looked at myself one last time and thought I need something else to fit my whole uncanny outfit together.

“Hmm…” I thought patiently looking inside my closet.

“Ahh! Of course,” I gasped with excitement as I reached my blue cardigan sweater and putted on.

“I forgot I had this, Midnight,” I claimed as I putted on.

“MEOW! MEOW!” Yelled Midnight as he was bouncing on the clock.

“Oh my gosh!! I’m going to be late!” I anxiously said rushing to get my brown bag on and opening the door to get out.

“Bye Midnight! Thank you! I love you!” I quickly expressed to him as he sticks his tiny pink tongue at me like a anteater.

As I got out of the treehouse I suddenly was falling seeing the autumn leaves on the ground. I was about to hit face on the ground until I felt a energy inside me.

“Ylf!” I echoed with might as I floated in the air with blue lights around me like an astronaut in space.

“Whoew! I have got to get use to that,” as I floated down touching the ground full of red, orange, and yellow leaves.

The blue lights faded away from me like dust so I began to run, hoping I wouldn’t be late for school.

I was passing the tall dark oak trees like I was leaving them to die, feeling the breezy wind flow through my Lapis hair.

“Good thing I’m wearing my combat boots, knowing how much I would run,” I thought to myself as I head outside the evergreen forest to the road.

I then took a break from running almost two in half miles and estimated how much time I would to make from school by walking.

“Okay, Evie. It is 8:46 a.m. and school starts at 9:05 a.m. So I have about  twenty minutes or so to make it there,” I calculated in my head as I was coming closer to the streets.

“If I keep running I will possibly have a couple of minutes early. But if I use a spell to get me there quick and fast like a lightning. I can definitely arrive at school very early and have plenty of time to get to my locker,” I thoughtfully planned out in my head as I was on the sidewalk near cute-tiny houses.

“Okie, time to focus Evie!” I determinedly said in my head as I felt eternal magic in my veins, traveling through my cells like a subway.

The clouds above me turned dark as the abyss and thunders where screaming like a angry dragon. For this forecast today a storm is coming and the storm is me!

“Hsalff! gnit-“ as I was being interrupted by a faint voice near me as my magic started to faded away like a UFO flying home.

“Little Evie is that you?” Called Grandma Rose outside of her tiny yellow house putting on her circle glasses.

“Oh hi! Grandma Rose! I forgot you lived in this street haha…” I stalled as I was hoping she didn’t see me casting a spell and know who I really was.

“I heard some loud thunders, looks like it’s going to rain today?” Wondered Grandma Rose as she looked at the clouds.

“Yeah! Seems like the weather is bipolar, going to sunny and gloomy hmm…” I stalled even more just to make sure she doesn’t have any suspicion about me.

“Aren’t you going to be late for school little Evie?” She asked me with a worried face with a wrinkle smile.

“Oh yes! Your right, I’m going to be super late if I don’t go now bye!!” As I ran away from her like a squirrel hunting for acorns.

“Haha bye sweet Evie!” She waved at me going inside her house as I turn back and saw her long-elegant yellow dress with her short white curly hair bouncing like kids on a trampoline.

“Bye grammy…” I lyrically said as I thought about her giving me joy.

I finally ran a little further away from Grandma Rose’s house and went behind a big bush tall as a building.

“Okie, I’m sure now no one will seem,” I assured myself and focused on my magic building up inside me.

I felt my magic again flowing through my veins and then saw the clouds above starting to get dark. I took a deep breath like I had no air left and thunders was dentinating with booms! I felt my eyes getting wider, feeling immense power.

“Boom! Boom!” Roared the thunders.

“Hsalff gnithgit! Hsalff! Gnithgit!” I echoed like a mighty goddess from the heavens as blue lightnings strikes me as a present from Zeus.

“Zap!” As I was sent through the abyssal clouds in sky and transported on the ground by Pompeii Middle school in the back where no could see me. I got teleported so fast, it felt like a really fast roller coaster. It was quite fun but do smell something burnt… oh well.

I went inside and saw lots of pre-teens waiting by their class to start. The school looked like a wooden mansion with big classrooms and a big cafeteria. I passed everyone as they looked like I was late which I am 3 minutes early before class starts. I went to my locker on the 2nd floor and 3 tall girls standing in front of my locker. How annoying. I walked up to them like a blue jay looking at 3 giraffes.

“Excuse me, can I get to my locker…” I kindly said as they gave me a nasty glare.

“Hahaha! What won’t you make us you blue freak! Who dressed you? Your mother? Or a Halloween store?! Hahaha!” As they try to intimidate me with jokes that aren’t funny at all.

“Listen girls, since you don’t have common sense. I really need to get to my class now!” I raised my voice without fear as my tone changed from sweet to cold.

“Whatever you freak! Come on girls let’s get away from a new kind of disease in Rome called toxic blueberry hahaha!” As they laughed and walked away.

Finally! I can have some peace. I literally just got to school and I already have to deal with tall-skinny giraffes. I got my books and went to my English class seeing Mrs.Watts in her red dress and greeting her with a smile.

It was 11:25 p.m. lunch has started.

I was already tired from school that I stuffed my face with mash potatoes and chicken nuggets. Plus to make lunch better I brought fresh blueberries from home. I mean I have to have something healthy to eat as eat like a messy pig. After I was done with my food I threw it in the trash but as I was going to the trash can I saw the three tall giraffes again by the vending machine harassing a short girl with two pigtails.

“Hey! Get away from her!” I demanded as I walked to them like a queen.

“Oh not Blue freak again! Haha!” Reminded the other giraffes.

“What are you going to do little-miss blue shortie?” Asked one of the girls hovering above me like a T-Rex.

“Why won’t you leave her the hell alone and we’ll see what I’ll do…” I threatenly whispered to their ears with a echo of fear.

“Uhh…” mumbled one of the girl looking at the others for help.

“Whatever freak! Let’s go girls,” as they quickly left whispering to each other.

“Are you okay? Red” I asked the short red-hair girl with freckles as she smiled at me.  

“Yes thank you so much,” she blushed as I lifted her off the ground.

“I hate people like that, did they hurt you?” I asked as I stared into her light caramel eyes.

“No I’m not just a little bruise hehe,” She giggled as she touched her pale cheeks.

“Here’s your glasses,” I told her as I picked it off the ground and handed her.

“Thank you, you’re so kind hehe” She joyfully smiled.

“Well take care! Don’t let those bullies get to you,” I waved as I walked away.

“Wait! What’s your name?” She demandly asked with a sad look on her face.

“Hehe Evie, Evie Pines,” I smiled with love.

“Evie…well my name is Caroline Saine!” She hollered  at me as she blushed.

3:35 p.m. school ended.

I was walking home alone admiring the big dark oak trees in the forest by my treehouse. The sky was gloomy but still blue. I passed by Grandma Rose house hoping I would see her but she was probably sleeping. So I kept on walking until I heard leaves crack like someone stomped on it. The noise was behind me, it could be an animal but my intuition says otherwise. I knew I was being watched and followed but I didn’t who. So turned around and looked around carefully with my eyes wide full of concentration.

“Who’s there?!” I asked openly like I was speaking to children’s.

Then I felt a heavy power near me, I can tell it was someone who has a lot of magic in them. But who would have magic in this town but me? As I was on guard to say a spell. Then I heard the noise coming closer like someone running to me.

“Erif-“ as I was about say a spell I saw Caroline scratched up with blood.

“Oh my gosh! Caroline you scared me!” I claimed as she smiled.

“Sorry hehe! I wanted to surprise you,” She joyfully said.

“You covered in blood! Are you okay?” I sincerely asked.

“It’s fine, this forest is just really big,” She proclaimed.

“C’mon lets get you healed,” I assured her as she followed me.

“Where are we going?” She asked as she looked around the forest like a baby duck.

“We’re going to my home to heal your injuries of course,” I established.

“You live in the big forest?” She wondered.

“Yes I do, is that a problem?” I questioned with a stern look.

“No no no! I think it’s cool and different hehe,” She giggled with despondent for me.

“Thanks! But hey why were you following me all the way from school? You could’ve come up to me and we could’ve walked together,” I told her as her face got gloomy like the clouds.

“Well one that’s no fun and wanted to surprised by scaring you hehe! And also I don’t really have any friends and I don’t know… I just really want to hang out with you… for standing up for me,” She confessed with tears.

“Aww! It’s okay, you can definitely hang out with me anytime,” I proclaimed as I hugged her feeling that she was cold and timid.

We kept walking and finally made to my treehouse. There was no ladder or a way to get up by human at least so I had to figure out what to do to get Caroline up there.

I told her to find some leaves that she thought was beautiful around the first but near the the treehouse. She joyfully agreed to it and started finding as looked at my tree house that was 15 feet high. Concentrating on my magic, coming up with a spell that will form a ladder or just something that can get me and Caroline up there. I was standing in front of the tree feeling my magic flo through my body and veins. My eyes turn bright blue as the color of Neptune. I took a heavy breath in and out.

“Reddal!” I echoed with intensity as the branches of trees around the treehouse broke down and started to form and dark oak wood ladder. Wood by wood it formed. Blue lights was around me and the treehouse hoping Caroline didn’t see it but-

“Woah! This is so beautiful…” She gasped as she admire the lights like stars as it starts to fade away.

“Oh yeah fireflies! Their always around here at this time,” I claimed as I try to make a excuse hoping she would believe me.

“Hmm… wow! I’ve never seen fireflies like those, they looked so magical I wish I could see it again,” She astonishingly said as she came closer to me.

“Well look here’s the ladder, I had to attach it and kinda build it on,” I lied as she gave me suspicious look like she knew.

“Okay! Let’s go,” She proclaimed as she started to climb up the ladder and entered the treehouse.

“Meow! Meow…” Midnight said hi to me then looked at Caroline.

“Hiss! Hiss!” He hissed at her like she was going to kill him.

“Midnight stop it! She’s my friend,” I told him as Caroline hid behind me like a scared child.

“Hiss!” He kept hissing as he felt threatened by Caroline.

Midnight then ran across the room like a cheetah on rabies and had his sharp claws out looking at Caroline like she was dinner.

“Rwaaaarrr!” Midnight screamed as he rushes to me.

“Midnight stop its me! Midnight!” I terrifyingly said as held my hand out.

“Noomus!” I casted a sleeping spell on him as he was knocked out on the floor.

“What in the world gotten into you?!” I asked him as he sleeps.

“Umm…” mumbled Caroline as I turned around and saw her in shock.

“Well this is awkward…” I awkwardly said as I putted both my hand behind my back.

“Ahaha I knew it!” She laughed at me with her wide yellow eyes.

“Uhhh…what?” I confusingly said as I was happy she wasn’t freaking out.

“It all makes sense now! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!” She enthusiastically said as she held my hands.

“Your a witch. aren’t you,” She seductively said as she looked into my eyes like we were lovers.

“Umm…no haha I’m not!” I claimed as I was clearly lying badly.

“Aww you blush when you lie,” She observed as she touched my warm cheek.

“Your veins, your eyes, your magic!” She announced one by one.

“They all scream witch to me or a wizard hehe!” She giggled as she looked around my room.

“Okay fine! I’m a witch but please don’t tell anyone!” I demanded in a serious tone.

“Don’t worry I won’t. Swear,” She replied.

“You promise, you absolutely promise on your life Caroline!” I intensely said.

“Yes I promise Evie. Promise till I’ll die,” She smiled at me as I blushed with fury.

“Llet hturt!” I echoed as I casted a truth spell on Caroline.

“Umm what just happened?” She asked and saw blue lights around her.

“I casted a truth spell on you so that I can tell if you are lying to me or not,” I explained as she smiled wickedly at me.

“Hmm…lecnac!” She echoed with grace as I saw red dusk around her and her eyes turned red like a blood moon.

“Umm what the fuck was that?!” I shockingly said as stepped away from her.

“Hehe! Surprise!” She joyfully said.

“You’re a witch too?!” I asked as my mind was blown.

“Yes hehe! Looks like this town has room for one more witches than I thought,” She proclaimed.

“Not going to lie Caroline you don’t look the part,” I honestly said hoping she won’t take offense.

“Haha I know, I try not to look like one but you on the other hand… wow just wow! How can you be more revealing,” She teased me as I got a little mad.

“Hey! I like the way I dress little miss sassy witch!” I whiningly said like a 5 year old.

“Haha I’m kidding I like the way you dress. I think you look beautiful,” She complimented as I blushed.

“I mean c’mon Evie what kind of a normal person lives in a treehouse in the middle of the forest with a black cat as a pet named Midnight and has a ton of spellbooks on their shelf?” She pointed out as I gave her a stern look.

“Okie you may have a point there you little raccoon observer,” I teased her as she smiled thinking she’s smart.

“But what kind of a person follows a person all the way from their home without saying anything?” I contradictly said.

“The kind of person who is curious enough to see if that person is a witch like the person following the person!” She argued as I made a duck lip face.

“And I was right too! But honestly I just want to hang out with you that’s all…” She kindly said in a mourn expression.

“Aww! It’s okay we are hanging out haha,” I joyfully laughed as she turned happy.

I then looked at her arms and legs and saw no scratches or blood anymore like it had disappeared.

“Hey, what happened to your injuries? It completely disappeared,” I asked as she felt her arms and legs.

“Oh hehe! I healed them already when I was finding leaves outside. I used a healing spell,” She explained.

“Oh wow! Okay. You know I can feel immense magic power coming from you. It’s honestly quite terrifying,” I told her.

“Oh that’s weird I feel a tremendous magic power from you but it’s not scary to me. It kinda makes me feel sad…” She confessed to me.

“Oh,” I thoughtfully said as I took off my uniform and sat on my bed.

“Why do you say that?” I asked her as I yawned.

“I don’t really know I just do,” She honestly said as she took off her boots and sat next to me.

“Well I’m getting really tired hehe,” I exhaustingly laughed as I got under my blue blanket and layed down like a sleepy lamp.

“Me too haha! I’ll let you go to sleep. It’s already night time,” She called as she stood up and got her boots.

“Wait! Caroline. Do you want sleep with me? I don’t want you to walk all the way home through the forest and get hurt especially since it’s dark,” I explained in a sleepy tone.

“Hehe okay! I didn’t want to be alone anyways,” she confessed as she laid next to me like a sister.

“Well goodnight then,” I tiredly said as I closed my eyes.

“Hehe I’ll turn off your lanterns for you. Phoph.” She whispered as the lights turned off.

“Thank you friend,” I kindly said.

I was so tired of everything that happened today. It really drained me and especially me for using my magic a lot. Even though I have a lot magic in me. I found out my new friend is a witch and that Midnight hates her lol. But everything will be better tomorrow.

Then a little later when I closed my eyes and thought Caroline was asleep. I opened my eyes to check on her and saw her yellow eyes staring at me. Eye to Eye. It was the most creepiest thing I ever seen but then she closed them and snored. Which was even more creepier.

Maybe she was sleepwalking? Or something? But I was too tired to even worried and just slept like a hen waiting for the sun to come up.

It was the next day.

Caroline had left already probably getting ready for school. Midnight was still asleep from my spell or the spell wore off and he’s just sleeping.

I left for school and was hoping to see Caroline at lunch since we didn’t have any class together but I didn’t see her. I wonder where she was. But I started walking home making a stop to Grandma Rose to greet her with her polka dot dress and her sweet old smile. I always check behind me and use my senses to see if Caroline had followed me again but she didn’t.

I was home playing with Midnight and practicing my magic all day long thinking about Caroline and I didn’t know why. Maybe because I was worried about her confronting Sarah, Liv, and Katie? Aka the three giraffes. But I didn’t need to worry anymore because I know she can take care of herself if things get out of hand. I mean she is a powerful witch after all.

Maybe I’m just curious or just really happy that there’s another witch in Pompeii than me and my mother. But for now just me and Caroline.

   Few days have passed and I still didn’t even see Caroline or even the three giants. It’s like they all disappeared or something. I mean usually I see at least one of the giants everyday but nothing.

This made me very suspicious and worried about Caroline so I took measures in my own hands like a Goddess.

I went in my treehouse and setted up candles all around my floor with a tiny blue spell book I got from my shelf and set it down. I looked for a piece of hair of Caroline in my bed and held it on my left hand. I then search in the the spell book for a detecting spell to show where Caroline location is. I read the spell out loud as midnight meows at me.

“Dnif sol vas Caroline! Dnif sol vas Caroline! Dnif SOL CAROLINE!” I echoed with tremendous might as the spell book floated with glowing blue lights around it and Caroline’s red hair.

The hair then turned into a blue glowing butterfly and started to lead a way. Which means the spell had worked and I just have to follow it to get to Caroline.

“Bye Midnight! I’ll be back!” I told him in a rush following the butterfly outside.

“Ylf!” I flew like the blue butterfly.

It was going kinda fast too flapping it’s whimsical wings. We past through dark oak trees with reddish-orange and yellow leaves falling on us like grenades. I felt the breezy wind through my aqua hair and my skirt was flopping like crazy. Oh I hope no one saw me! I was wearing my pumpkin underwear today.

We finally made out of the forest and the butterfly leaded me behind the school where the woods were. When I was there I got really suspicious and worried. I thought to myself that Caroline could’ve  live in the woods because I live in the forest. But it far more worse than I thought as the butterfly disappeared into blue dust and I saw straight in front of me Caroline tied up on a wooden tree covered in blood and scratches with white salt under her in a circle. I rushed.

“Caroline! Caroline!” I started crying as I shout for her to look at me.

“Evie…sto…stop…” She could barely speak as I came closer to hear and saw three people in black with a bird-like face coming out of the woods with green gas around them. They were coming closer to Caroline and I could see they were plague doctors. It was the most horrifying thing I even seen. One was holding a butcher knife, the other was holding gas bombers, and the other was holding a big net gun that looked heavy as an anvil.

I started to get goosebumps down my spine to my fingertips.

“Run…Evie! Run!” Caroline screamed with pain and tears.

“Let the witch hunt begin!” Announced one of the plague doctors in a deep voice as all three came running at me.

I wanted to run from them out of fear. But I couldn’t. Caroline was in need of help and I have to save her no matter what.

I held my hands up feeling immense magic flow through my veins like cells. You could say I looked like a blue mutant. My eyes were wide and full of electric blue. I was surrounded by glowing blue lights like I was a star from space.

They came closer. Running like cheetahs.      

“She’s using her magic!” One said in a timid voice as another was aiming the net gun at me like I a target.

“Die you Witch!” They said in hatred as they fired the net.

“Ylf!” I echoed as I flew up and dodge the net like a fast athlete.

They reloaded and was aiming again as one pulled out four daggers out and was throwing it at me like a awkward ninja.ja.

I was dodging left and right.

“Slith!” as one dagger cut some of my hair.

“OH now you’ve done!” I yelled in anger as they laughed.

“I’ll show you not to Fuck with a WITCH!” I loudly echoed to them in Godly voice as the clouds got dark with thunders booming.

“Careful!” One said to the other as they splitted up.

“Stzzzssssszss! BOOM!” As lighting struck down to the plague doctors running.

“BOOM! BOOM!” As one by one came.

“Ahhhh!” One of them got struck as smoke came from their head and their skin burnt like crisps. It was completely obliterated to dust.

“You MONSTER!!” Shouted one throwing gas bombs at me in the air that deniated.

“Boom! Boom!” The bombs exploded at my legs and back.

It felt like I’ve been hit by a truck serval times. Then green smoke was around me and I was consuming it like a drug. I coughed and got dizzy.

“I got her!” The plague doctor shot me down with the net gun as I was wrapped falling down like a bird who lost its wings.

I hitted the ground as I was struggling to get out.

They came surrounding me getting  a sharp butcher knife out.

“Stay away from me if you want to die!” I wickedly said as blood coughed out of my mouth and I had red teeth.

“Shut up! Die you WITCH!” As they were about to stab me.

“ROARRRR!” A loud beast screamed making the two doctors cover their ears.  

I saw black smoke and lights flying in the sky and saw a giant black cougar with sharp teeth and green eyes.

“Midnight!” I yelled happily.  

“Tuc tuc. Tuc!” I rapidly echoed as the net got cut into pieces.

“Midnight!” I yelled again running to him.

“You’re not getting away!” One doctor said as a knife was thrown and stabbed my back. Blood gushed out of my uniform.

“ROARRR!” Midnight screamed with anger and ran to the plague doctors like a cheetah.

“Oh Fuck!” They terrifyingly said as Midnight gobble them up, tearing them into pieces and swallowing them like cat food.

I got the knife out of my back and tried to remembered any healing spell I could use to aid me.  Midnight came to me growing smaller and smaller to his original form.

“Haha! You always save me Midnight,” I smiled with joy as he meowed.

“Leah flor!” I softly echoed as green lights was around me healing my wounds.

“Ahh much better!” I proclaimed as I just realized me and Midnight murdered three people. But mostly importantly I had to get to Caroline and hope she was okay.

Me and Midnight teleported to Caroline with a teleportation spell and saw Caroline still hanging and sleeping.

“Leah Flor!” I casted the healing spell on her as her wounds erased like it never happened.

I got her off the tree and made her float. I then looked under and saw pounds of salt under her and kicked it away. Then she woke up.  

“Evie!” She yelled as she fell to the ground.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” I cried hoping she wasn’t injured.

“Your safe! Evie! Thank goodness, I thought you were going die…” She emotionally said as head was down.

“No haha! Those witch hunters have to try harder to kill this smart witch!” I smiled as I tried to make her happy.

“Hahahahahaahah! Right,” She hyseterically laughed.

“MEOOOWW!!!” Midnight screamed madly like he did in the treehouse.

“What is it Midnight?! Are you okay?” I worriedly asked as I see him looking at Caroline.

“She’s my friend Midnight, don’t worry!” I explained to him hoping he will understand but-didn’t.

He ran to Caroline with his sharp claws out like he was going to kill her.

“Mightnight Stop!!” I shouted as I saw Caroline smiled.

“Eidtzo,” Caroline wishipered as Midnight jumped to her face and then got cut into pieces. Blood splatter everywhere as I was in disbelief.

“MIDNIGHT!!” I screamed with tears flowing down my face.

“Hahahahaha! Since I have my magic back from that stupid salt, hate to break it to you Evie. He was annoying,” She wickedly said.

Suddenly blue flames surrounded me like I was the sun. I felt on fire like 1000 degrees. My blood flowing with flames and my veins was fuse with boiling lava. You could say I had blue wings of a Phoenix.

“AHHHHHHH!” I screamed with anger as the ground shook like an earthquake and the clouds was roaring with mighty thunders. My eyes was were beaming blue lights, all I could see what blue and revenge.


“Chik!” As a knife stabbed me in the middle of my chest absorbing my magic like a sucker.

My heart was pounding. I started to hallucinate and got dizzy seeing 10 Caroline’s as I hit the floor.

“Oh Evie! Poor sweet easy to manipulate Evie! You actually think I wanted to be your friend? Haha please! There can only be one witch in Pompeii and that’s me!!” She announced as her eyes turned red as the devil.

“Why…” I could barely said as my eyes were starting  to closed, flashing my memories of the good times me and Caroline had.

“Hate to break to you Evie! But those plague doctors were Sarah, Vanessa, and Katy. They are my sisters well my foster sisters. But this all was a plan for you to die! And for me to take all your precious magic haha! You think my sisters would actually bully me?! Ahah! I put them on a spell to control like my puppets making you think I was a poor vulnerable girl, surprise! But no matter that. I finally have your magic into this dagger with your blood, oh! I can’t wait to taste it. Probably will tastes sweet! But this goodbye Evie! Farewell!” Caroline sinisterly said as she levitate a knife in the air getting reading to cut my head off until- I

“Little Evie is that you?” Said a familiar voice behind me as Caroline looked stunned as if she saw a ghost.

“I don’t know who you are but you better get away from my child!” Threateningly said a old voice sensing tremendous magic from the voice.

“You!” Caroline shockingly said in disbelief.

“Grandma Rose is about to teach you a lesson naughty witch!” As Caroline was tied of ground roots like chains covering around her.

“Grandma Rose…”I gratefully said as I cried for hope.

“Grandma…” Caroline mumbled as she was triggered by her name.

“I’ll show you what a true witch is!” Grandma Rose declared with loud sirens screaming from heaven.