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As Halloween draws near,

The spirit world begins to grumble

The underworld toils,

Awakening from eternal slumber 

As the brighter world

Begins to darken 

To my warning,

I beg you harken 

Do not unlock the door

That night

Or in your dreams

You may die of fright 

– B. E. Ware

La Llorona

This urban legend is one of the most famous in Mexico and is very popular and Southern state__s such as Texas. It is said that this is based on a true story and it occurred at a time before Mexico was even established as a territory.

La Llorona, also known as Maria, was a caring woman full of life and love, who married a wealthy man who lavished her with gifts and attention. However, after she bore him two sons, he began to change, returning to a life of infidelity and alcohol, often leaving her for months at a time. He no longer cared for Maria, he would even talk about leaving her to marry a woman of his own wealthy class, which she was not a part of. When he did return home, it was only to visit his children and the devastated Maria began to feel resentment toward the boys.One evening, as Maria was strolling with her two children on a shady pathway near the river, her husband came by in a carriage with an elegant lady beside him. He stopped and spoke to his children, but ignored Maria and continued to drive the carriage down the road without looking back.

After seeing this Maria went into a terrible rage, in doing so she seized her two children and threw them into the river. As they disappeared downstream she’d realized what she had done and ran down the bank to save them, but it was too late. Maria broke down into inconsolable grief, running down the streets screaming and wailing. Not long after her death, her restless spirit began to appear, walking the banks of the Santa Fe River when darkness fell. Her weeping and wailing became a curse of the night and people began to be afraid to go out after dark.


Kuchisake Onna

The slit-mouthed woman goes back to the late-1970s in Nagasaki, Japan. 

There once was a beautiful woman who was married to a fearless samurai and one day he caught her being unfaithful to him. To make her pay for her adultery he slit her mouth from ear to ear and then said to her, “Who would think you’re pretty now?” So if you see a Japanese woman with a surgical mask on and she asks “Am I pretty?” be very afraid and careful of your answer.

Slender Man

This urban legend is one of the most viral and popular legend being spoken about to this very day. Slender Man was created back in 2009 by Eric Knudsen for a contest on this website, Something Awful; specifically, Knudsen designed Slender Man for the “Create Paranormal Images” thread, which was calling for participants to photoshop existing photographs. 

The Slender Man started off as a tall, creepy, slim, spider-like figure photoshopped into seemingly benign pictures of kids playing. Slender Man entered the realm of urban legend, morphing from an internet concoction into a wood-dwelling boogeyman who preys on children. He stalks mostly kids in the woods, luring them into a trap and eating them like a spider devouring flies. There’s been many scary incidents and crimes of Slender Man. In May 2014, two Wisconsin girls were accused of stabbing their classmate because they believed that doing so would please the fictional Slender Man and prevent him from harming their families. Many more murderous crimes have been committed because of Slender Man since his creation. This urban legend is pretty crazy and scary but personally I don’t believe in it and it’s been established that the fictional character: Slender Man is not real! So relax. There is no tall skinny man stalking you in the woods… but maybe someone else.


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